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DigitalRuneTutorial 01: Adding DigitalRune Engine to an XNA Game

This section shows how to add DigitalRune Engine features to an XNA game project. This is a step-by-step tutorial – not a checklist. This article describes in detail the journey from the XNA game project template to a small game project. Along the way we will touch many parts of the DigitalRune Engine. We will try to highlight and explain several concepts and design decisions which are used in the engine and in other samples.


Here is a screenshot of the game that is created in this tutorial:


Following ZIP file contains the final project (including the necessary DigitalRune DLLs and XNBs):


This tutorial starts with the basics and covers a wide range of DigitalRune features. We hope it covers the information that is necessary to understand the rest of the DigitalRune documentation and samples.

If any step of this tutorial is unclear or some information is missing, please let us know in the Forum!